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2000 Safari Van Engines for Sale

The GMC Safari Van was such a wonderful vehicle, it’s to bad it was discontinued in 2004. It was very durable for a mid sized van because it was built on a truck frame, and all 2000 Safari Van engines for sale are for rear wheel drive applications. Those are the reasons I liked it so much, it was built on a truck chassis instead of a front wheel drive platform. That is why I would personally examine crate engines if my 2000 Safari needs an engine someday.

The first generation Safari vans built from 1985 to 1994 used these three engines;
2.5L Tech IV 98 hp I4
4.3L 4300 165 hp V6
4.3L 4300 200 hp V6

From 1995 to late 2004 the second generation Safari narrowed it’s engines down to only the 4.3 L 190 hp V6 engine. RPO number L35, it was made from 1998 to 2002. In 2003 GMC went to the RPO number LU3 4.3L 190 hp V6.

Note: RPO definition; Regular Production Option, a General Motors standard coding system which identifies the exact engine that is in a particular vehicle, including it’s exact specifications in great detail.

The 4.3L engine is very popular in many different RPO numbers depending on rear axle ratio, tire size and a lot of other metrics we don’t even consider. An RPO number guarantees an exact match engine. I know that my van has the L35 engine with 190 horsepower.

With all of the above being said, the only logical solution for replacing an engine in something that is quite popular and has loyal owners like me wanting to keep them at any cost [well, practically] is a new crate engine. I am not interested in a used engine, even though has good used engines cheap. I want a brand new crate engine so I can drive my van another umpteen thousand miles. I don’t want to compromise my van.

It is worth the call, I don’t make the prices, but from the input I get, I’m being told the crate engines are darn affordable and as it turns out, nearly 100% percent of said customers would make the same decision again, and recommend us highly. Our sales reps are ready to speak with you know. If you need some education, well that is part of our job. Call now and find out that has a solution for the pain everyone feels when they are without their cars.

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