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Crate GM LS1 Engines for Sale

The LS1 is a General Motors engine from the famous LS family, designed as a V8 engine, and used only in General Motors rear wheel drive vehicles, cars, RV, SUV and trucks. Many people refer to these engines as ”small block” Chevy motors, or ”mouse motors”, whatever you call them, has crate LS1 engines for sale at an affordable price.

The LS1 is a 5.7 liter V8 engine, [5655 cc – 350 cubic inches]. A generation 3 small block engine, it is a lightweight all aluminum engine using push-rods instead of fancy SOHC [single overhead camshafts] and DOHC [double overhead camshaft] setups.

The LS1 was used in the Corvette from 1997 to 2004, and was modified continuously to a point where the ”Callaway” version [C4B] made a staggering 402 horsepower.

LS1 engine codes:
VT, VX, VY, VZ, WH, WK, WL, Y, all correlate with the VIN number [vehicle identification number], meaning the 8th digit on your VIN, if it has an LS1 engine in it, it will have one of the above digits. Part of the DNA of your car.

Our Crate engines are either brand new, as the dealer may sell, in a crate. [For about one half the cost of a dealer]. and, some crate engines are custom remanufactured for specific purposes. Such as a performance car, a boat or simply more power for your needs.

Most people are not aware of crate engines, or the true value a new motor provides you. Especially since the cost is very affordable and the engines are ready to ship, in a crate. Right Now.

I always recommend calling and speaking with a pro. The engine specialists at have real hands on experience, and many have owned a car or truck with an LS1 engine in it.

Call right now and find out more about crate engines. Every single one has pure value built right into it, we can prove it with our peace of mind warranty. Find out why we get rave reviews for our outstanding customer service. Call right Now

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