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Crate Honda CRX Engines for Sale

The Honda CRX is a sport compact vehicle that was produced for American markets in two waves from 1983-1991. These small vehicles were produced using a number of engines that can still be found in top condition today. is prepared with Crate Honda CRX Engines for Sale, at affordable prices.

This is true because many of the engines used to produce this vehicle used a simple design that kept most of the engines’ vital parts in a good condition.

–For example, first series Honda CRX vehicles produced from 1984-1988 were produced using 4 different engines. 

These engines include a 1.3 Liter HP I4 engine that produced 58 horsepower.

These small engines feature an inline design that has all four of its engine cylinders aligned in a straight line along the crankcase. This efficient design allowed this small engine to maximize its power output without having to use up a lot of gasoline.

Another engine used in many first series Honda CRX vehicles was a 1.3 liter EV1 I4 engine. This engine was used for CRX vehicles produced from 1984–1986. It produced up to 60 horsepower and used three barrel carburetors to blend air and fuel together. It is highly sought after by Honda CRX vehicle owners because it can be well-maintained without expending a lot of time or money.

–In addition, second series Honda CRX vehicles used several 1.5 and 1.6 liter engines for power.

For example, many Honda CRX vehicles produced from 1989-1991 were powered by a 1.5 liter Honda D15B6 engine. It produced 62-72 horsepower and used a 9.1:1 compression ratio to power the car forward. It can be found in good condition after some patient searching because many of the engine’s vital parts were designed to last a long time.

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