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Used Dodge Intrepid Crate Engines

Dodge Intrepid Crate EnginesDodge Intrepid was designed to be a winner at it was. As one of Dodge’s best, this engine demanded the best. The V6 2.7L engine was what was selected to lead the Intrepid around the world. This engine was actually a mainstay for Dodge. It had already been used in the Concorde. Much acclaim was given to Dodge for creating the Intrepid. You too can create your own auto excellence with the 2.7L. These Dodge Intrepid crate engines are awesome. You get everything you love about Dodge without a high price. Let us be your guide here at We’ll save you money.

The Intrepid engine that we have is well over 160 horsepower. This powerful LH engine block design is one of Chrysler’s most appealing motors. The very technology inside of this V6 was used in later renditions of the Charger and the Avenger. Dodge knows how to utilize the V6 to its max and now you can too. We don’t charge a lot for the motors that we sell but we could. We always discount the cost from the MSRP standard. This is a testament of our constant dedication to our loyal crate engine customers.

Dodge Intrepid Crate EnginesĀ 

While the actual LH engine was produced strictly for 12 years, we keep the production run alive. Our crate engines are all custom built and match the OEM components and specs exactly. Nothing gets by the watchful eye of the builders that handle these crate engines. One thing you might not know yet is the testing involved with crate engines. It takes a multitude of testing to be sure no problems are present. It only takes one problem to cause a chain reaction. We prevent these types of disasters for our customers. Everything that we put price tags on goes through rounds of this strict testing. We are totally confident in what we offer for sale. We get customers what they want. We save them money by doing it.

The full support of our shipping department is what all customers get to experience. These experts know more than people think about engine care and safety. Did you know it takes a lot to crate an engine? Hundreds of pounds of metal can easily be damaged with improper crating procedures. Our engine experts know how to best handle each 2.7L engine. You buy crate engines for sale and expect them to always be perfect. It is the dedication to our engine staff that makes this a reality for all of our customer orders. Getting your hands on a 2.7L V6 is much easier when you deal with experts like us.

Dodge Intrepid Crate Engines PricingĀ 

Crate engines quotes are instant here and easy to get. All you need is to make use of the form we provide. You can get access to the form 24/7. There are no Dodge Intrepid crate engine limits on the quotes we give. Try us out now. It’s really easy and will not take up any of your time. When you are ready, you can then call us at 1-877-630-3873. Now that’s easy.


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