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Used Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale

Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale | Crate Engines FordFord is usually one of the engines that are used the most regardless of the Chevy-Ford feud that never seems to end. Chevy has its performance engines and Ford has its big-blocks and small-blocks too. The 281 is an awesome V8 engine that is the same specs as the modular engines that are put into many trucks and vans. You don’t have to have a hot rod to enjoy this crate engine. You also don’t have to search the Internet anymore for Ford 4.6L crate engines for sale because they are right here in our inventory. Get the lowest price that you demand without jumping through hoops to get it.

Many people use crate engines believe it or not. If a truck or van breaksdown, the first instinct to do when a mechanic cannot fit it is to buy a new engine. There are body shops and mechanics and also warranty centers that purchase crate engines online. Ford has some of the most powerful engines and these are priced right in our inventory. We trust the V8 power of the 4.6L because we are the only ones that are turning wrenches and testing it out. Some sellers sell turnkey crate engines because they don’t know how to build. We know how to build.

Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale

One cool thing about crate engines from our company is how easy they are to install. If you are a handy person, you might not need any assistance bolting them in and hooking them up. If you want a mechanic to do it for you, they will be surprised just how easy the process is. You don’t need special dealership tools or other equipment that is hard to find to drop our engines under a vehicle hood. The determination and willingness to have a dependable engine is the only effort that you will have to put forth. Our 281 engines are powerful and give you the OEM build that you need for a great engine.

Engines that are rebuilt do not offer the same quality that a crate one does. We don’t start from a used block and try hard to make it work correctly. We start from a fresh engine block that has no bore problems or surface rust. A complete crate engine build is what we offer here and all at a price that is extremely affordable. A new engine at retail pricing could cost $20,000. Our prices are nowhere near those huge numbers. You can get value and performance without breaking your bank to pay for it. Our inventory of the 4.6L and other crate engines can give you all the options you need for a great engine replacement or swap out.

Ford 4.6L Crate Engines for Sale Price Quote

Engine quotes are simple and super fast here at We don’t complicate your life and we do not limit you on the automatic quotes you can get. Use the 4.6L crate engine quote form right now. It’s fast and never asks for your personal info. You can call 1-877-630-3873 to get phone assistance at anytime. Don’t miss out on low pricing because you don’t like phone calls. Get pricing online.



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