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Used Hyundai Accent Engines for Sale

Like so many vehicle models that have been in production for some time, the Hyundai Accent has gone through a number of revisions, and the engine type has changed accordingly. Basically, the Accent can be thought to have evolved through a total of three generations, and each has had its own standard engine, with some optional variations. You are at the right place for Crate Hyundai Accent Engines for Sale

First along was the X3 which was a replacement for the Excel model. It came standard with a 1.5L DOHC 4-cylinder engine, but in some countries, such as the U.K., there were three different engines available. They ranged from the smaller 85 horsepower 1.3L to the larger 1.5L with the choice of 12 or 16 valves.

In 2000, the Accent received a new 1.6L engine and for the first time, a diesel engine was made available as a 1.5L 3-cylinder unit. Some countries still offered the slightly smaller 1.5L during this phase of production, and by the middle of the decade, a total of 4 different engines were powering the Accent:

1.5L SOHC Alpha 14 (12 valve)
1.5L DOHC Alpha 14 (16 valve)
1.6L DOHC Alpha 14 (16 valve)
1.5L CRDi Alpha 13

The third generation Hyundai Accent, introduced in 2005, comes standard with the 1.6L DOHC engine and combined with the 5-speed manual transmission, delivers up to 37mpg highway fuel efficiency. This engine delivers 112 horsepower and has some very slight modifications over the similar sized engine from the second generation Accents. The optional 1.5L turbodiesel engine is still available in some markets across the globe.

In Korea, the vehicle is now sold with a standard 1.6L engine coupled to a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission and is known as the RB series.

The standard engines used in the Hyundai Accent are among the most popular on the market, and although they are considered to be of long life, replacements engines are available from a wide variety of sources. And because they are small and quite fuel efficient, rebuilt units are being installed in used cars the world over. The current engine, with its dual overhead cam and Continuously Variable Valve Timing makes it an appealing choice for buyers who want an affordable engine that delivers such good fuel economy.

My suggestion is to contact the folks at and ask about the availability of these smaller 4-cylinder engines. As previously stated, there have been some changes to the Accent powertrain over the years, but each of the engine types are still available as either new or rebuilt.

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