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Used Mercedes G55 Engine For Sale

AMG, [Mercedes-AMG GmbH] is a subsidiary of the Mercedes-Benz motor company. AMG models are generally the most costly and performance related of each Mercedes series. AMG models typically have more sporty-aggressive looks, greater performance overall, better handling and better traction than their regular Mercedes. Those are the special cars that use the Mercedes G55 Engine For Sale.

The G55 is a V8 engine consuming 5.4 liters in size. Designated the “M113.” The engine is offered in two versions;

The first configuration is a naturally aspirated V8 with 360 PS (260 kW; 360 hp) that is used in the C55 AMG, CLK55 AMG, SLK55 AMG, and ML55 AMG. The C43 AMG (model years 1998-2000) was powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine from the same M113 family, but at a reduced displacement of 4.3L, hence the ’43’ designation.

The other configuration is a similar unit but with a highly efficient Lysholm type supercharger manufactured by IHI, is found in the rest of the AMG 55 models which are typically mid sized or larger vehicles. The published output according to Mercedes varies from 476 PS (350 kW; 469 hp) to 517 PS (380 kW; 510 hp) and 700 N·m (520 lb·ft) to 720 N·m (530 lb·ft), depending on various methods of power measurements and different ECU programming for national legislations. For instance, the E55 AMG’s engine was at the low end, while the SL55 AMG’s engine had the top output.[wiki].

What I’m suggesting in the case of an engine failure is to buy a crate engine to replace the bad engine. For a car like a Mercedes with the AMG series engine, the most important item is getting a motor that equals the engine that came in the car new. Mercedes knows exactly what they are doing, so no need for modifications.

Only the best works for Mercedes owners, and that is exactly what we offer. The finest new crate engines and remanufactured crate engine anywhere. Crateengines.Co is an industry leader in crate engines for Mercedes AMG series cars because we out perform the competition in every way.

To get your Mercedes back on the road, with a crated AMG G55 engine delivered ASAP, call and discuss your needs with a specialist. We have plenty of time to listen to your needs and sell you exactly what you need. Call now and find out if your new engine ships for free.

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