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Crate Ford Escape Engines for Sale

 2.5l Crate Ford Escape Engines for Sale

2.5l Crate Ford Escape Engines for Sale

The Ford Escape is an SUV, which is an acronym for compact crossover vehicle, that has been in continuous production since 2001, and has come equipped with various engines depending on the model year and trim. Escape was also the first SUV sold as a hybrid (2004). The original models came with a choice of medium-sized engines including the 2.0L Zetec 14 and the larger 2.3L and 3.0L Duratec V-6 units. Of course, has Crate Ford Escape Engines for Sale, including all the available engine types.

Today, the Ford Escape is equipped with one of the following engines:

2.5L Duratec l-4 
3.0L Duratec V-6 FFV
2.5L Atkinson Cycle l-4 hybrid engine with permanent-magnet electric motor.

If you own a Ford Escape, you are probably familiar with the engines listed above. The 2.5L gasoline engine produces 171 horsepower, while the larger 3.0L V-6 delivers a total of 240 horsepower; the available hybrid engine generates about 155 total horsepower. All engines have sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection and fuel efficiency ranges from about 23-27mpg highway, depending on the engine installed.

Now, if you are looking to purchase a manufactured or rebuilt engine for the Ford Escape, I would suggest you look no further than They have a professional staff that can find the exact engine you require and offer immediate initial quotes. The engines for the Ford escape are popular, but prices for manufactured or rebuilt units vary widely; offers not only affordable pricing, but their experts are familiar with Duratec engines, inside and out.

Engines that are normally installed in SUV models are often incompatible with other vehicles; after all, they were designed to fit a particular model. One of the first questions people ask when deciding to purchase a replacement engine concerns the choices available for their vehicle. Many folks consider installing a new engine in an older car, but are not sure where to start when it comes to finding engines that their vehicle will accept.

Take a few moments and call the engine specialists at; they can answer all of your questions about engine/vehicle compatibility, in terms you will understand.

Ford Escape appears to be firmly entrenched in the crossover SUV market; its sales have been good and customers give positive reviews. Therefore it is likely this model will be available for years to come, and the engines being installed in this year’s model trims will be in demand for some time. As far as the earlier year models, their engines are still available, and is where I recommend going to if I wanted to inquire about a specific engine type for an older Ford Escape or similar car model.

Call right now.

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