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Crate Motorhome Engines for Sale

Now that’s a big subject. Crate Motor-home engines for sale. It would be impossible to cover every engine in every motor-home. By and large, most motor-homes are built on standard manufacturers chassis, although that is not always the case, so it’s possible any brand of engine can reside under the hood of Brand X chassis.

Motor homes have been made since the cowboy days. In fact, the cowboys [I hate using that word, I’m a Redskins fan] used horses to pull covered wagons. Some had one horsepower, some had two horsepower or more. As man developed engines, or motors, it was only natural for man to devise a method of using artificial power to power their wagons. Hence, the ICE [internal combustion engine].

As soon as man adapted ICE engines to covered wagons and started to turn them into rolling homes we built and imagined everything a motor home should be. I don’t know the entire history of motor-homes, but people also towed ”tow behind” motor homes behind cars and light trucks.

Either way,  a motor-home or the car or truck that pulls a ”tow behind” motor-home has used a modern gasoline or diesel engine in it for many decades now. That is our focus. We don’t sell horses!!

Without being pushy, always recommends a new crate engine for motor-home applications. It’s pure and simple, anything other than a crate engine is a compromise in any vehicle that pulls or carry’s a valuable and tremendous load like a motor-home. Have you ever had your motor-home towed? If you don’t have insurance, that would be a large part of your engine costs. Yeah, it costs a lot to tow a motor-home.

Crate engines are at their best in situations requiring ultra-reliable, long lasting power-plants. The first thing we hear is how affordable a crate engine is. After looking at other engine options, a crate engine is a no brainer.

If you need a motor-home engine, and want a new crate engine, don’t hesitate to call and allow us to provide a bit more education on the overall benefits of a new or remanufactured crate engine for your motor-home. If your stuck on the road, don’t worry, we ship within 24 hours, in fact some of our crate engines ship for free, Call Now.

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